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Handcrafted fine jewelry from the heart

Taking nature and the animal world as his subject, Darren K. Moore creates original jewelry of his own design, as well as fashioning customized pieces that capture his clients’ visions.


Every original piece begins with an original idea. It might be something found in nature or an old photo. When the idea makes its way to Darren’s sketchbook, we know we’ve got something. Once the idea is refined on paper, Darren can begin creating with various precious metals and gems. That’s when the piece comes to life in three dimensions.


“My personal passion is to faithfully represent the beauty of God’s creation so it is evident in each piece I craft. It’s important to me that the work is honest as well as attractive. I’m not trying to improve on nature, only to capture it in it’s full glory.”


We are honored to have the opportunity to work closely with our clients to create custom pieces. We work closely with clients to turn their unique vision into a piece of fine jewelry that they can truly treasure. This gives us great satisfaction.


Darren K. Moore has been handcrafting fine jewelry for over three decades. Raised in Kentucky and Arizona, he grew up amid the beauty of animals and the outdoors. Later, this personal connection with nature would come to inform and enrich his work in the art of jewelry.

Darren started painting at a young age, taking the natural environment as his subject. This formed an important foundation for the jewelry artist he would become. To this day, he initiates each new work with a sketch to capture the full sense of depth and perspective. He also incorporates sculptural elements consisting of multiple pieces finely formed and finished into a strikingly dynamic whole.

His work has been bought by discerning clients from around the world, and is featured in the Kentucky Derby Museum, in Louisville, KY as well as at The Keeneland Store, in Lexington KY.




It takes a team to make great art. Darren is joined in his work and his life by his wife Julie. Julie manages many aspects of the work, and clients often have direct contact with her. Their caring and commitment together has earned a loyal following of enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty and sincerity of everything they offer.



We would like the opportunity to work with you to create a piece that captures the emotion and memories you have experienced.
Please call 877-238-2546 today.


Darren K. Moore Custom Designs

P.O. Box 74113

Phoenix, AZ  85087




The Keeneland Store
September 9-11th, 2018
Lexington, KY


Breeder’s Cup at Churchill Downs – Multiple locations
November 1-3rd, 2018
Louisville, KY


The Keeneland Store
November 4-6th, 2018
Lexington, KY


SCI Convention
January 9-12, 2019
Reno, NV


DSC Convention
January 17-20, 2019
Dallas, TX